Partners and Colleagues

A special thanks to the musicians that perform with us. They are amazing musicians and artist in their on right.


Piano - Tony Vattimo, Eric Koper

Upright Bass - Gerald Benson, Alex Hiele

Saxophone - Erik Lawrence



These partners and colleagues listed below are business associates of Abe Speller Music, Inc. and The New Earth Trio, and are very important to us. We have forged a business association and maintained a standard of exceptional quality and professionalism within the arts and entertainment community.

Tony Vattimo


Sheila L. Speller
Orielle Creative Company 

Pete Yellen
Crown Hill Computer Services 

Dave Sharpe
Sharpe & Associates, Inc.

Heather Newcomb Photography 

Dave Downham
Gradwell House Recording 


Tad Richards Jazz Portraits 

Blue2o Seafood Grill 


Stormy Lundy
Reading Terminal Market


Liz Thomas
Thomas Boyd Communications


Mark Baiada
Bayada Nurses


Kyle Ruffin
K Ruffin & Associates